Plans & Handouts

Plans & Handouts

This handouts page contain links for pdf files for download. Click on a link to view it online or right click and choose “Save As” to save it to your computer.

NYSBS People and Forms
2024-25 Officers/Directors/Committees
Nest Report
Membership Form
Order By Mail

Getting Started, Monitoring and Nestboxes
Having Fun With Bluebirds (Tri-panel brochure, to be printed double-sided on 8-1/2″ x 14″ paper. See your printer’s instructions for printing double-sided documents. Folding guides printed on back of brochure.)
Setting Up a Bluebird Trail
Getting Started With Bluebirds

Setting up Nestboxes
Monitoring Nestboxes
Nestbox Record Sheet
NABS Nestbox Specifications
Bluebird Nesting Boxes
Gilbertson PVC Nestbox
Peterson Nestbox
NYSBS Nestbox
Bressler Nestbox with instructions
Wintering Bluebirds May Need Your Help
Roosting box plans

Competitors, Predators and Trouble Shooting
Commercial House Sparrow Advisory
Residential House Sparrow Advisory
Huber In-House Trap plan
Blow Flies and Bluebirds
House Sparrow Control
Tree Swallows
Predator Control
Trouble Shooting Charts
Sparrow Spooker Directions

Plantings and Food
Plantings for Bluebirds
Winter Food and Miracle Meal
Mealworm Fact Sheet

Coloring Sheets
Coloring Sheet 1
Coloring Sheet 2