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2 weeks ago

I know that this is difficult to see, but the reality of what this invasive species can do couldn’t be explained any better. Discussions about what to do with house sparrows often alienates people. But this photo explains why we need to take difficult actions very well.

2 weeks ago

Season 23 of John Trombly’s nestbox cam is off to a great start! Tune in to watch - there are 5 eggs in the nest now.

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

In Woodstock, NY, and need help to figure out what's going on!? Nest completed mid-March. It was not as tall or high in the box as ones in past years. Then...
1st egg: March 20
2nd egg: March 21
3rd egg: March 22
Then I noticed all the eggs were gone. If you're thinking predators, no... there are no snakes, or HOSPs and the Bluebird pair were around as I was feeding them mealworms.
A couple of days later, the nest was taller or higher in the box (more complete as I've seen in years ... See more

1 month ago

5th Egg laid and we're incubating now! (Woodstock, NY)

2 months ago

NYSBS County Coordinators and Bluebird Ambassadors~ this is a great time of year to host an educational presentation in your community, Perhaps at your local library, or if there is a wildlife center or refuge near you. County Coordinators have educational materials that can be used.

What are some of the twists you have thought of to enhance your presentations? As a musician I collect bluebird songs and will perform them as part of the presentation. But YouTube videos of the songs could also ... See more

2 months ago

A very important read as we gear up for the season.

5 months ago

Wishing everyone a safe and warm holiday.

7 months ago

Building homes for our bluebirds and many others.