NYSBS Thanks

Website Development Contributors

Thank you to the following members of the NYSBS for their assistance in the development of the new website:

Cherie Layton, Website Developer
Bill Zitek
Carl Zenger
Deb Wines
Rich Wells
David Smith
John Ruska
Murial Prianti
Jenny Murtaugh
Sarah Hodder
Jim Engelbrecht
Judy Derry
Kim Corwin
Jim Kunz, NYSBS Past Webmaster
Kitty Rusch

And thank you to the photographers who gave NYSBS permission to use their photographs for the NYSBS website:

Claire Talbot
Bet Zimmerman Smith
Cherie Layton
Keith Kridler
David Kinneer
Kenn and Temple
Tom Grey
Doug Domedion
Judy Derry
Barbara Burnham
Jerry Acton