NYSBS Annual Conference-Saturday, September 21st, 2024 in Albany

Board Member Snapshots of Nominees for 2025-2026 Term
Election will occur at the Annual NYSBS Conference on September 21st

Votes will be cast at the Annual conference in Albany for NYSBS Board members. The following provides a glimpse into the individuals that you will be voting for. Being on the board is a wonderful way to support and influence the future direction and initiatives of the NYSBS. The current members, along with President Sarah Hodder, warmly invite all members potentially interested in becoming board members to sit in on a meeting or talk with them to learn more about what is involved. Their contact information is in the directory.


Sarah Hodder Current President seeking reelection. If reelected for 2025-2026, she would continue working to ensure the Eastern Bluebird and other native cavity nesting birds exist for future generations.  She will strive to ensure that goal, by calling on her past experiences as president of NYSBS (since 2019), as a former teacher/administrator of thirty-three years, as a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener for 17 years, and as an avid nature lover her entire life.  Working cooperatively with the Officers & Directors of the Board as well as our members, she feels positive impact can be achieved in neighborhoods & communities across the state of New York which would benefit our native cavity nesting birds.



Martha Moran Current 1st vice President seeking reelection. Originally from Maryland, Martha has been a member of NYSBS since 2010, serving as Newsletter editor, board member, and most recently, Vice President on the executive committee. A fascination with birds and wildlife started at a young age and was inspired and nurtured by her late mother, NABS Charter Member, Susan Moran. Martha worked in technology program development and training with HP and Cisco Systems – she retired in 2019. Martha lives in Germantown, NY with her husband, George, and two dogs, Molly and Skip.




Deb Wines Current 2nd vice President seeking reelection. In 2009, she was elected to the NYSBS Board of Directors, serving until 2019.  Since 2020, she has served as the second Vice President. In addition, she tabulates the NYSBS Nest Box Survey results and write the quarterly Cavity Nester article. Retiring after 40 years as a Speech/Language Therapist in 2015, she visited all 63 National Parks, and spends time with her husband, Mike, their dog and two cats as well as their three grandchildren, and other family members.  She enjoys gardening, reading, attending musicals and plays, and of course monitoring her 9 nest boxes on their property near Cortland.





Bryan Braun Bryan grew up in the shadow of NYC thinking there were 4 or 5 species of birds. This changed when his parents purchased property in Schoharie County and he and his siblings explored the wilderness which culminated with a Christmas Bird Count completed with Ray Briggs and a young woman, Karoline, who later became his wife. Since that time Bryan has been involved in blue birding and the NYSBS.



Cheryl Miller Cheryl monitors the Route 11 Bluebird Trail in Marathon, Cortland County, New York as well as the bluebird boxes at the Maple Hills Golf Course and is a current Board Member of the NYSBS.
In addition to birding, she is a Master Gardener volunteer at Cutler Botanical Garden in Binghamton NY, is President of the Binghamton Garden Club, Director of District VI of the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, and sits on the board of VINES Binghamton. She also has an interest in fiber arts and loves knitting, crochet, and weaving. She lives in Marathon NY with her husband Lee, many dogs, cats, and a flock of chickens.




Hans Kunze Hans has been on the board for several years and lives in Wyoming, NY. He is a very active birder and loves bluebirds. He has been writing a biweekly bird and nature column for over 30 years for several Western New York newspapers. He and his wife, Leslie, operate a small bird feed and greenhouse business on their farm.




Dan Rosentreter Dan resides in Medina, New York with husband, Hans, and two dachshunds, Sam & Rudy. He owns and operates a small  business called The Coffee Pot Café. In addition, he serves as a dedicated volunteer and event coordinator for the Friends of Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. He single handedly organized, established, and continues to manage the Medina Memorial Bluebird Trail as well as being an avid birder and wildlife photographer.




Angela T. Baron Angela is a children’s book author, illustrator, zoologist, and small business owner in Clarence, NY. She joined the NYSBS as a Bluebird Ambassador in the fall of 2017 and is the current Erie County Coordinator and board member. As a cohead of the local Len Anderson Memorial Bluebird Trail, she helps maintain 16 nest boxes in Clarence and 24 nest boxes at the Niagara County Golf Course. She is also the group’s data and website administrator, reporting the annual nesting data on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch site. She enjoys camping, hiking, and photography and considers citizen science essential to wildlife conservation.







Photos from past Fall meetings