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4 days ago

I have a nesting bluebird. The male has not been around for over a week so I assume he is dead. Anyway I have five eggs, one has hatched today. I am in CNY and it is cold and temps are below normal today. I have been feeding the mother the past two weeks with mealworms. I have little hope for the babies with this cool weather and mom having to go hunt for food even though I am putting out mealworms. Is there anyone who could advise me how I can help mom? Thank you

5 days ago

NYSBS Board Members- see you on Zoom at 9:30 tomorrow!!

3 weeks ago

The issue of house sparrows, an invasive species that kills the bluebirds, is one of the most difficult issues to discuss.

3 weeks ago
Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania

Reminder - House Wrens (HOWR) should be returning to our area soon (if not already back). If they want a nestbox, they will peck the eggs that are already inside. Here is info from Sialis on Wren guards and a photo from Nancy Fraim of Bluebird eggs pecked by HOWR. http://www.sialis.org/wrens.htm

3 weeks ago

An unpleasant encounter.

3 weeks ago

Not a pleasant encounter!

3 weeks ago

Go to this site then click on each bird to hear its song. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/.../bird_songs.../index.html

3 weeks ago
All About Bluebirds and More!

Don’t miss This excellent presentation by John Rogers!

Audubon events are great ways to meet people and help birds and the places they need. Register today.

3 weeks ago
North American Bluebird Society

Here is a lovely video capture of this handsome male Eastern Bluebird calling for a mate. Notice bluebirds do not open their beaks to sing—their sweet warbles come gently through their throats. Recorded just this morning (April 5, 2021) in
Woodbury, CT, by Victoria Foulke. Click on the hyperlink below or tap on tbe photo to open this YouTube video. Enjoy!


4 weeks ago

I put up my first two bluebird houses ever in my new backyard. I've been doing what I can to attract bluebirds - playing their calls in the morning, offering mealworms etc;

House sparrows have moved in I ordered some traps for them. But today I saw the sparrows going nuts and saw a male eastern bluebird come out of the box. Will they have scared him for good? I know it can take years to attract a bluebird so I'm a bit sad.


1 month ago

Dear NY Bluebird Societym

My name is Janice Matles and I am a Pre-K teacher in Middletown NY. This month we will be learning and inquring about birds from NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1 month ago

Anybody have any suggestions?

1 month ago

Anyone seeing BB nests built yet? I think mine is near done building his....Dutchess county NY.

1 month ago
Sialis Home - Helping Bluebirds and Other Small Cavity Nesters Survive and Thrive

General information on how to attract nesting bluebirds and other small cavity nesters, including distinguishing nests and eggs, heat, dealing with house sparrows, house wrens, nestboxes, etc.

1 month ago

Wow! What an interesting variety!

1 month ago
National Geographic Magazine

Beautiful. An Asian paradise flycatcher feeds its chick near a saltwater lake in Kallar Kahar, Pakistan. Photo by Zahoor Ahmed http://on.natgeo.com/1445aOW

1 month ago

Strange Encounters from Jim! 🤣

Strange Encounters on the Bluebird Trail

Box 22 at the North Country Golf Course in Champlain, NY contained a small and cute gray tree frog. He was - I suspect - hiding out here as a safe refuge in the daytime. There is a small pond about 150 yards away from this box.

In the same box, in a kind of shell glued to the side wall of this box is a mystery green worm looking creature. If anyone has any ideas on what it could be - please let me know.

1 month ago
Photos from Kylie Fitz's post

Eastern Bluebirds over the last month here in the Adirondacks, Mayfield NY

1 month ago

Difficult story, but I’m sharing for predator awareness. There’s good advice about protection tips in the comments, such as baffles and greasing the pole.

1 month ago

Amazing photo capture.

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