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4 weeks ago

Building homes for our bluebirds and many others.

1 month ago

This is Kara Derry and Matt Emslie. We apologize if this post is not appropriate, but she was heavily invested in the NYBS community. This seemed to be the best forum to let other members know that she passed away.

3 months ago

“Oh my goodness! Did you hear? The New York State Bluebird Society’s Website is temporarily down!”

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get the website up as soon as possible! 💙

6 months ago

Great photo!

6 months ago

Just hatched... and still hatching! Welcome to the world wee ones!

6 months ago

And then there were two! 💙💙

6 months ago

Wow. Great nest can video! It’s their last day in the box!

7 months ago

Wanda J Haby - please message Kim Lawrence for the information you requested. Her messages here aren’t reaching you.

7 months ago

I had house sparrows take over all my nest boxes, despite my ruthless clearing efforts. This year I only have 1 seed feeder (front yard), the nest boxes have been moved to edge of woods out back. I did put up a meal worm feeder near them. Wish me luck