NYSBS Annual Fall Meeting 2021 “ZOOM”

Usually, the NYSBS Annual Meeting is in-person. It provides an opportunity for members, volunteers, local birders, naturalists, and other non-members to interface. There is a chance to dine together Friday evening, and then on Saturday enjoy various activities. The activities usually include a bird walk, business meeting, presentation of awards, keynote speakers, silent and live auctions. It is an opportunity to ask questions and to share “tales of the trails.”

This year, however, our meeting will be different because it will be a virtual meeting by ZOOM. The meeting will be on Saturday, October 16th beginning at 9:30 AM. We won’t be able to include some of our usual activities, but I am confident that you will find it worth attending virtually. Individuals with a current membership and an email address will be sent an “invite” which will include a link to click on. This will bring the individual to a “waiting room” where the co-host will admit them to the meeting. If your membership has lapsed, then I encourage you to renew as soon as possible so you will be able to receive the zoom invite and participate in the meeting.

The agenda is included below. Also included you will find brief biographies on each of the eight individuals that make up the slate of nominations for Officers/Directors for 2022-2023. This slate of nominations will be voted upon during the meeting. Two keynote speakers: Bernie Daniels,NABS President & Dr. Heather Williams, Professor at SUNY Buffalo are scheduled to share their expertise. It is true our Annual NYSBS Fall Meeting for 2021 is a little different but definitely worth attending virtually. We hope that you will be able to join us—Saturday, Oct. 16th by ZOOM.

Sarah Hodder,




Zoom Meeting 9:30-12:00

Welcome – Sarah Hodder

Election of New Officers 2022-2023 – Mark Couchman

Treasurer & Membership Report – James Engelbrecht

Award Presentation: Herman Bressler & Fran Hanes – John Ruska

Nest Box Data Submission – Deb Wines

Keynote Speakers Introduced by – Jim Engelbrecht

Bernie Daniels, NABS President Current status of the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis): Trends in population and distribution

Dr. Heather Williams of SUNY Buffalo Parasites, incubation, provisioning and migration: Purple Martin body condition from egg to fledge

Closing Comments – Sarah Hodder

Nominees’ Biographies

Lynne Ridgeway PO Box 282 Clintondale, NY 12515 845-883-7908 (h)
NYSBS Life Member Member since 2003 Elected Secretary since 2003 – (current term ends 2021) Ulster County Coordinator since start of Coordinator program Worked to facilitate mailing of the Bluebird newsletter since July 2019
Retired as an Assistant Vice President of a major health insurance company after 35 years with the same firm.
Civic and political activist more than 40 years specializing in libraries, literacy, historic preservation, environment and community affairs

Jonathan Ridgeway PO Box 282 Clintondale, NY 12515 845-803-1842 (c)
NYSBS Life Member Member since 2003 Elected Board Member since 2004 – (current term ends 2021) Area 9 Coordinator since 2008 –
(Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, Sullivan, Delaware & Putnam Counties) Ulster County Coordinator since start of Coordinator program Served as Chair or Member of Nominating Committees for multiple terms Worked to facilitate mailing of the Bluebird newsletter since July 2019
Retired from NYC-DEP as an Assistant senior level capital projects manager after 35 years of career public service.
Civic and political leader more than 40 years specializing in community affairs, patriotic organizations, lineage societies, historic preservation and environment

Mark Couchman
I joined the NYSBS in 2012 as a Bluebird Ambassador for Broome County. I have been on the Board of Directors for two terms. In 2014 I was selected along with my better half for the Fran Hanes Memorial Award. I have worked as coordinator for the southern section of Route 11 trail. With my wonderful wife, Sarah Hodder, we have put on many presentations to school groups, garden clubs, libraries and Lyceum. I have helped many new Bluebirders put up nest boxes. I am constantly repairing and putting nest boxes together. Also, I have volunteered at Empire Farm days the last four years.

Kim Lawrence has been a bluebird ambassador with the NYSBS for 5 years. After a career as a professional firefighter she moved on to a second career with the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services where she works as an Immigration Services Officer in the Humanitarian Division. . She has been a Wildlife Rehabilitator for over 35 years, specializing in rabies vector species- skunks, foxes, bats, and her favorite, raccoons. She has always worked in her community in various capacities to include developing language materials to promote Mohawk language and cultural preservation, working as an Advisor for several Explorer Posts for the Boy Scouts of America, as a mentor for students in the Glynn County, GA school system, and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to immigrants in her community. She looks forward to creating bluebird educational materials in kanien’keha (Mohawk language) to help the children at Akwesasne learn about bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds, in their language and also with the perspective of a Native American curriculum.

Rock Termini
I’m an environmental chemist who has been consulting to industry and government since 1968. In 1980 I formed my own company and In 1982, after reading MegaTrends, I opened and read an Audubon magazine in our waiting room. I had never read their magazine before because I was always too busy, but I found it captivating. Since then, I have served on many not for profit and government environmental boards and committees, including Audubon NY, the Society of American Foresters, the NYS Open Space Advisory Committee, the Air Pollution Control Association, among many others, and now the Bluebird Society. As a current member of the Board, we are seeking ways to increase the number of young people to become actively involved in our society because they are our future. I hope to help make those ideas a reality.

Murial Prianti
I retired as a Regional Software Support Manager from Honeywell Information Systems. With encouragement from David Heidenreich I joined NYSBS in 2001, began to monitor a few nest boxes on the Route 11 Trail, then a few more. There are now close to 50 nest boxes on that part of the Trail. I was elected a NYSBS Director in 2004, and Treasurer in 2009, a position I still hold. I joined the Syracuse Rose Society in 1998 and have served as Treasurer and President over the years and truly enjoy my rose and bluebird hobbies.

Tom Damiani
Volunteer experience- The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Shepaug Dam Eagle Project, Piping Plover and Tern Recovery Project- 1985; Central Sierra Audubon Society California (Board Member Program Coordinator, Vice President)- 1990 to 1994; North Fork Audubon Society (Board Member Program Coordinator, Field Trip Leader, Trail and Building Maintenance Coordinator)- 1994 to 2020.
Employment experience- TNC (Tern and Plover Warden at Milford Point CT)- 1986. Visitor Center Coordinator at TNC’s Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island NY – 1994 to 2018; Connecticut Audubon Society Participated in a Neotropical Migrant Survey- 1993; U.S. Forest Service Stanislaus National Forest participated in a Goshawk Survey- 1993